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Duckwrth Releases His First Project, “SuperGood”, Since Signing With Republic Records

Los Angeles native rapper and songwriter, Duckwrth, releases his debut project with Republic Records titled “SuperGood.” The title is suggestive of the feelings he expects listeners to walk away with. We caught up with Duckwrth at a press conference to examine this career-milestone.

“I feel surprisingly relieved” Duckwrth responded when asked about the release of “SuperGood.” “I know dropping a project during COVID can be crazy, but I feel more relieved that it's out. For an album called ‘SuperGood’, it’s already an affirmation and I feel like it came right on time where people need to feel the best that they can at this moment.”

Although some may look at this album as a way to escape from the COVID-19 altered reality, Duckwrth created this sixteen-track album in January. “COVID was just popping up and no one was taking it seriously so, when I was writing it [SuperGood] my thoughts and ideas were different than the 2020 we know now. Most of the album has to do with me taking this girl out on a date; going to these different venues and different fantasies I have of her before I go on the date. It's like a story. You may not be living in that story but it’s a story to take you away from your current situation, like audio medicine.”

Even with five years of experience under his belt, Duckwrth still learned some valuable lessons during the creation of SuperGood:

“I learned that I am only as strong as the people around me,” he said. Noting that he is surrounded by a team that isn’t afraid to share their opinions or take part in conversations while in the studio. “This album was a collective creation.”

Duckwrth has released visuals for all sixteen songs on the album, but no music videos yet. The visuals are loops of small scenes that all seem to complement their assigned songs.

What was your idea surrounding the release of your visuals for the album?

“The whole album was about me and this girl going on a date. The first half of it is just fantasies I have of her and my insecurities but then me tryna flex. My manager wrote the story and people love that visual so much.”

How has growing up in L.A. influenced your creativity and music?

“Growing up in L.A. in the '90s and 2000s it’s like its own utopia but on the flip side, it was a lot of trauma. A lot of my youth was learning how to survive. But I will say that the rose grew from the concrete. Being raised in South-Central Los Angeles gave me a backbone. So, when I deal with corporate America, I don’t take any bullshit.”

How has the creative and songwriting process changed during the pandemic?

“I have a crazy amount of writer’s block, so I have not been able to write much. I’ve been able to produce with other producers and I know what sound I want to go into for the next album. But out of the many songs I’ve made this year after the album, a lot of them are just beats. It’s been a really crazy year so, I don’t think my artistry needed as much love as my human did. 2020 is a year of reflection.”

So, what’s next for Duckwrth?

Fans can expect music videos to the sixteen-track album in the near future.

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