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The Twisted And Sick Benjamin Jong Ren Hung

28-year old Benjamin Jong Ren Hung of San Marino California, has been arrested. On May 31st, Hung drove his vehicle (a white Dodge Ram) into a group of peaceful protesters in Pasadena. The Black Lives Matter protest had a crowd of about 150 people. Luckily, no injuries were reported as the crowd scattered before any damage could be done. Upon arrest, police searched the vehicle only to find a loaded semi automatic handgun, high-capacity magazines loaded with ammunition, an 18-inch machete, $3,200 in cash, a long metal pipe and a megaphone.

The weapons found in Hung’s vehicle look kind of like a soldier preparing for warfare. Police say it was a friend who helped Benjamin Hung retrieve and transport the weapons. The details that have emerged about what Hung had planned to do with these devices will disturb you. According to CNN, Hung had been gathering these weapons and tear gas - with hopes of using his parents vineyard as a training camp. The objective, to "prepare to engage in civil disorders." The complaint reads, "Hung communicated frequently with associates about creating this tactical training camp and firearms range at his family's vineyard in Lodi, California, and his intent to use the firearms in preparation for civil disorders,"

Prosecutors recalled Hung’s neighbors' account of his strange behavior. The neighbors recalled multiple instances of seeing Hung decked out in camouflage, military fatigues and tactical vests.

Last week, Hung was arrested and charged with conspiracy to transport firearms across state lines. Arraignment is scheduled for October 15th. If convicted, Hung is looking at five years in federal prison.

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