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Irish Supreme Court Rules Subways’ Bread Is NOT Bread

There are very few foods or meals that can be counted as universal and sandwiches happen to be one of them. Think about it, whenever you’re in a new area trying out food, what’s one thing that will always be a failsafe? Some sort of sandwich no? One of the staples of fast sandwich making is Subway, when you see one anywhere, you know what you’re getting. Well, according to the Irelands Supreme Court, your Subway sandwiches aren’t made with bread, but cake.

When it comes to processed food and drinks, every country has certain standards that have to be met in order to label a food a certain name. For example, in Ireland, their Value-Added Tax Act of 1972 states that tax-exempt bread can't have sugar, fat and bread improver exceed 2% of the weight of flour. This serves to be an issue because the recipe for Subway's bread, sugar makes up five times more than what the law states, about 10% of the flour.

Since their government holds bread as a “staple” food and not a desert or baked good, legally, the Subway sandwich bread would be considered more of a cake than bread.

This information only came to light because a franchise of the popular sandwich chain, Bookfinders Ltd.,was searching for tax breaks on some of their menu items. Ireland allows “staple foods”to have value added taxes set at 0%. In 2006, the franchisee submitted a claim to be refunded some of the value added taxes they paid during ‘04 and -’05

Which is when the courts made the point that they don’t qualify because they’re giving out cake in place of bread.

Subway holds true to the fact that it is indeed bread that is baked fresh daily and holds about 3-5 grams of sugar.

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