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You May Want To Reconsider Your Morning Coffee

You may want to reconsider your morning coffee - A new study will have you assessing whether or not it’s healthy to prioritize caffeine first thing in the morning.

The Center for Nutrition, Exercise & Metabolism at the University of Bath found that drinking coffee after your first meal is more beneficial to maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

The study was published in The British Journal Of Nutrition, and scientists say that using coffee as a “pick me up” first thing in the morning can have a terrible effect on your blood glucose level. Professor James Betts, Co-Director of the Centre for Nutrition, Exercise and Metabolism at the University of Bath led the study and explained the logistics of the logistics behind proper morning coffee consumption. Betts explained, “Put simply, our blood sugar control is impaired when the first thing our bodies come into contact with is coffee especially after a night of disrupted sleep. We might improve this by eating first and then drinking coffee later if we [still feel we need it]. Knowing this can have important health benefits for us all,”.

This study utilized data from 29 men and women, based on three separate overnight experiments. When participants drank coffee first, the blood glucose levels increased by about 50% after having the “breakfast” drink. However, when participants had the breakfast-meal replacement drink first, there were no negative effects on the glucose levels or insulin responses.

The study is not concrete and there are still a few kinks that need to be worked out. According to Harry Smith from the Department for Health at Bath, there is still so much that needs to be studied as far as the effect that sleep deprivation has on the metabolism. As well as factors that can help counter this.

However, these findings should alarm all those coffee fanatics who swear by starting the day off with some coffee.

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