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Ocean Spray Shows Love To Dogface208

Nathan Apodaca also known as Dogface208, has been capturing the hearts of social media users everywhere with his carefree skating videos. Often accompanied by a Fleetwood Mac tune and a bottle of ocean spray Cran-Raspberry, Apodaca is one of Tik Tok’s biggest sensations at the moment, his videos are running up millions of views. His page “Dogface208” is now verified on Instagram and even got the attention of Rock legend Mick Fleetwood, who created his own video showing love to Nathan (who has certainly brought a resurgence to those streaming numbers).

Things aren’t as picture perfect as the carefree videos depict. He has become so beloved by the masses, that he was able to accumulate $10,000 in donations. TMZ was able to track down Nathan in Idaho Falls, where he explained he had been living out of his RV with no running water, so he's parked in front of his brother's house, where he uses the shower and toilet. He began saving up his donations to get himself a new vehicle.

In an unexpected and generous turn of events, representatives from Ocean Spray came to Idaho to personally gift Apodaca with a new truck. The truck came decked out with a supply of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry which has become Apodaca’s signature drink. This is the power of social media, bridging the gap between regular people and their dreams. Now we can look forward to Nathan breezing through Idaho in a new red truck, courtesy of Ocean Spray themselves.

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