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Kaash Paige Talks The Release of Her New Album, 'Teenage Fever'

Kaash Paige, the 19-year-old TikTok sensation who was signed to Def Jam after the release of her first EP, is taking over the Spotify charts with the release of her latest album “Teenage Fever”. With all the hype surrounding this rising star, we decided to catch up with her at a press conference. Here’s what she had to say:

Responses were slightly edited for clarity and cohesion purposes:

For some artists quarantine was a time to decompress and give special attention to their humanity for others, like Kaash Paige, quarantine presented an opportunity to grind without interruptions which is shown throughout the duration of her new album “Teenage Fever".

“Being quarantined just allowed me to go harder. We’re not doing anything but sitting in the house, so what else can you do but brainstorm.”

Every artist has their own creative process for producing great material. Kaash Paige takes a slightly unorthodox approach to songwriting, which certainly pays off.

“Every single song that’s on 'Teenage Fever' and 'Parked Car Convos' I freestyled them,” she said. “I ask all my friends in the room what this [the beat] makes you think about, then I put the headphones on and just freestyle. I feel like when you sit in the studio and you write, you kinda waste time … I feel like I’m wasting time.”

What are some things you wanted to do differently with “Teenage Fever” than you did with your EP “Parked Car Convos” (2019)?

"With 'Parked Car Convos' it was the fall time and I needed some of those late-night drive vibes. With ‘Teenage Fever' we were going into summer and I needed something that made you feel good and that felt timeless."

You have a song titled Frank Ocean, how much of an impact does he have on you and why?

“It’s just the aesthetic for me,” she said jokingly. “I feel like his come up was super organic. He’s just one of those dope dudes that just does music and if you rock with it, you rock with it. I feel like with me, it’s kinda like the same thing. I don’t force anything, I just put it [music] out. He influenced me to be myself and just kick it.”

How do you want people to describe you as an artist?

"This is gonna sound so weird but I want everybody to see me as the homie. The world’s homie. I show love to everybody so with my music, just feel like you’re a part [of it]."

What feeling(s) do you expect your listeners to walk away with after listening to this album?

"I expect them to really just be able to relate. We all go through depression, we all go through relationships and we all go through getting our hearts broken. So with my whole album and the music, I try to make it so you’re able to just sit down and say 'Damn. I’ve been there before'. I feel like whenever a song makes you feel a type of way you love it more because it resonates with you."

Kaash Paige is what some might call an overnight success story. She was signed to Def Jam Recordings only a short time after releasing her EP “Parked Car Convos” in 2019. But overnight success doesn't mean the journey won’t be hard.

What adversity have you experienced while pursuing your music career?

"Being on your rise to stardom, there are people that want to be a part [of it]. They wanna leach and they wanna drain [you] and that had me very jaded. So I had to overcome it and realize that you’re gonna have people that show you fake love and speak on you [negatively] until the day you die, so you gotta just go with the flow and keep doing you."

How do you stay grounded in this up and coming fame?

"I think it’s people that you let around you. Every single day I try to protect my peace and my energy."

With some parting words of wisdom, Kaash Paige emphasized that she lives life on her own terms, in spite of what others may think of her and she encourages others to do the same.

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