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Mariah Carey is Teasing Our Christmas Gift Early!

With the holiday season approaching slowly but surely, it’s important to remember the reason for the season. The time for giving thanks and sharing time with loved ones is coming soon, yes, but everyone knows that the real Queen of the holiday season is Mariah Carey. Every year, once November hits, her Christmas album reenters the charts because of the way it’s streamed and downloaded en masse. Well, it seems that this coming Christmas our Aunty MC has a new surprise gift for her loyal fans - with the initials AC and JH.

After seeing Mariahs’ cryptic post on Twitter featuring three directors chairs with the initials AC, JH, and MC, and a Christmas tree as the caption, fans began to go into a frenzy trying to figure out what the message is. Many believe that there's a star studded Christmas Special in the works and the initials are some special guests. Others think that this is a music video, either way we know that there will be two special guests with the initials AG and JH. Could be Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson? Ariana and Mariah have been getting pretty close lately and Jennifer Hudson is one amazing vocalist so a show featuring the three of them would be something to see.


Knowing how serious MC is about her craft, we probably won’t be getting any other clues until this mystery event is ready to release. We’ll be waiting, semi patiently.

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