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Breakdown or Breakthrough?: Katie McKinnon Breaks Character on SNL

There's no need to reiterate the kind of stress many have been under due to the state of our reality. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and still expected to go about our everyday lives as if everything is normal. Getting used to a new level of normal can be mentally exhausting and that kind of mental acrobatics can affect anyone at any given time. Last night during a SNL skit, actress Katie McKinnon broke her character and explained when asked that she is indeed, not okay.

It’s not completely clear whether this little breakdown was part of the skit, but it sure didn’t feel like it. After being asked if she was okay, McKinnon went on to explain that playing a character is her way of taking a break from reality to help her cope with the way life is now. McKinnon went even further to say that our entire existence is up in the air. With no knowledge of the outcome of the current election and no end in sight for the pandemic, we’re just stuck in a state of limbo.

While SNL has a history of very sarcastic humor that touches on real life issues, this skit or failure of a skit touches very close to home for many.

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