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Security Guard Arrested in Connection to Fatal Shooting

In some not so shocking U.S. news there’s been another deadly shooting this time near the Denver Art Museum. There is a private security guard, contracted through Pinkerton by 9News, who is currently in custody. It’s 9News practice to have private security for team members during protests but this security guard is thought to have a connection to the shooting.

Originally, two people were taken into custody by the Denver Police Department following the incident: The security guard and a 9News Investigative News producer. The producer is no longer in police custody after it was confirmed that they had no involvement.

DPD said that around 3:50 p.m. there was a verbal altercation as protestors were leaving the area and someone sprayed pepper spray and at that moment is when the police stated that at least one shot was fired. The victim was transported to the hospital at 3:49 p.m. but was announced dead about an hour later - the body has not yet been identified.

This occurred during a clash of protests as there was a “Patriot Rally” and a counter-protest “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” scheduled around the same time. The DPD wouldn’t provide specifics on their planned response to the event and released this statement:

“The Denver Police Department respects the right to peacefully assemble. Those who participate in protests, demonstrations, marches, or other gatherings, as protected by the First Amendment, are reminded to do so in a lawful manner. Individuals who choose to act outside of local, state and federal law, will be subject to citation or arrest.”

The private security guard has been confirmed to not have any connections to ANTIFA although they are still in custody. More information will be released as it becomes available.

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