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Illinois Woman Gives Birth During The Bar Exam

The bar exam is by far one of the most difficult exams one can take. It is administered by a jurisdiction's bar association and which a lawyer must pass prior to admission to the bar of that jurisdiction. Brianna Hill of Illinois raised the bar (no pun intended) for future test takers, when she gave birth in the middle of taking the exam. Hill is a graduate of Loyola University School of Law, the prestigious school in Chicago. Covid-19 has thrown all our life’s plans off track, Brianna Hill’s story is very much indicative of that. She knew that she would be pregnant during the time she would be taking the bar exam, however due to the exam being postponed to October, she would end up taking the exam at 38-weeks as opposed to the 28-weeks she had initially expected. She told CNN:

"I thought I would only be 28 weeks pregnant when I took the bar. However, due to the pandemic, the test was pushed to October and I was going to be 38 weeks. I joked about taking the test from my hospital bed. Lesson learned!"

The remote version of the bar exam is broken down into four 90-minute sections, across two separate days. Hill assured us all that there will be no room for cheating during the exam, as the exam is proctored, and you are required to sit in front of the computer the entire time.

Here is where the real story comes in: Hill told CNN that she felt a change in her body about a half an hour into the exam. Going into labor immediately crossed her mind, so she thought ‘I really hope my water didn't just break,'" Hill recalled. She knew that she could not step away from the computer- so in an extremely impressive manner she powered through the first section of the exam. As she stood up, she had indeed realized her water broke.

Hill recalled, "I took my break, got myself cleaned up, called my husband, midwife, and mom, cried because I was a little panicked, then sat down to take the second part because my midwife told me I had time before I needed to go to the hospital."

By 10 PM that night, Hill had successfully delivered a baby boy. Unlike many new mothers, Hill did not have time to stop and smell the roses. She simply had one thing in mind, and that was finishing the bar exam. After consulting with her husband, midwife, and doctors – the hospital provided her an empty room so that she could finish the exam. Hill cites her husband and law school friends as the support system she needed to power through the exam.

Hill has not yet received her results; however, we wish her the best of luck. Her story is certainly one of the most inspirational stories that you will come across today. Where most would have given up, Hill did not let anything stop her from finishing the exam that stood before her serving as lawyer. Not even childbirth could stop Brianna Hill. Now that the exam is out of the way, we hope she has time to enjoy the new bundle of joy in her life.

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