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Statues Destroyed In Portland Protests

This year we have seen a plethora of statues and national monuments across the globe destroyed, and even submerged into the ocean. Protests in Portland ended in the destruction of two historical monuments. The protests has been coined, "Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” started as an act of anti colonialism.

A group of nearly 200 marched through various areas of the city, and they were fully prepared for anything they’d come across. We’re told the protestors were carrying weapons, shields and red paint - and toppled both statues before breaking multiple windows at the Oregon Historical Society.

Most notably, the protestors brought down statues of American presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. The protestors knocked them down and then proceeded to deface them with spray paint. These statutes were gifts to the city in the 1920s and stood tall for hundreds of years, despite the stories behind them.

One of the banners that was proudly displayed at the protest read, “Stop honoring racist colonizer murderers." The demonstration quickly became a riot once law enforcement realized the climate was getting too disturbing. Local police intervened immediately after the Roosevelt statue came down.

This is one of many protests that followed the precedent set by Minnesota earlier this year, following the George Floyd murder. Ever since, states throughout the country no matter their agenda - have been practicing their right to demonstrate. One person who has been incredibly against this is the President, Donald Trump.

Trump responded to all the video footage of the chaotic protest, with the following tweet. "These are Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS. Get them FBI, and get them now!" Trump has been talking about restoring law and order throughout the country for most of the year.

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