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XXXTentacions’ Mother Under Fire For Going Live On His Instagram to Promote a Music Video

Whenever an artist passes, it’s a little comforting to know that the public will always have the music to remember them by. In the past, people mourned the loss of an artist they were a fan of differently, by going to the public funeral or even hosting their own memorial in their honor. While those practices still continue today, in the age of social media it’s become easier to hold on to memories connected to that artist. Earlier in the year, Instagram and Facebook created the option for pages to be memorialized. Essentially the page is locked but left active in order for the loved ones of the deceased to have access whenever they feel. Since he’s left such a mark on his fans, XXXtentacions’ Instagram page was memorialized but his past fans and followers were in for a surprise when they got the notification that he was going live from his Instagram.

Is it a ghost? Was his death a hoax? What the heck is actually going on? Those were just a few of the questions that fans and viewers alike had when tuning in to a seemingly dead person's Instagram Live. This major oversight occurred because the late rapper's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, decided to use the page and time to promote a music video for XXX’s song, “Chase/Glass Shards” which appears on his posthumous album “Bad Vibes Forever. The song features the rapper, Ikabodveins, who happens to be managed by Bernard currently. The video exclusively shows Ikabodveins at a concert performing and when XXXs’ verse begins flashes of his face comes across the screen as Ikabodveins mouths the words while levitating over the crowd.

If going viral was the goal, both Bernard and the late XXXs' team succeeded but as someone who has been accused of profiting off of the death of her son many times before, you would think that Bernard would use some discretion when it comes to her actions in relation to him.

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