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John Salley Had Some Tea to Spill on VladTV

There are only a few major media pillars that are still taken seriously. Artists and socialites alike need the promotion that a good interview can give but also need to be exclusive with who and what they allow. VladTV has been one of the most popular media platforms where guests are able to speak freely on topics they might not have touched on had the interview been taken somewhere else. While it can be a pain sometimes to search for all the different parts of the interview, DJ Vlad makes up for it by breaking all the celebrity news. The latest interview was with Comedian and former NBA player, John Salley, and he was ready to spill a little tea.

With 18 parts, it’s clear that DJ Vlad was diving deep and Salley had no problem providing details. Salley touched on what it was like to interview for the Last Dance documentary and his pick on who would win in a one on one game, Lebron James or Micheal Jordan. Salleys’ interview got juicer than just the sports when he touched on the amount of money that a lot of ex wives are getting as their divorce settlement. Airing that Bob Johnson sold BET for 3M dollars and his ex wife received 1.5M in their divorce settlement. From this, a conversation about how much women deserve following a divorce ensued where Salley confirmed how petty he believes the LA divorce courts to be.

Salleys’ interview shed light on his personal views of Divorce, Sports, and past popular moments that he’s experienced. Make sure to check out all 18 parts, or just the ones that jump out to you!

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