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R Kelly Attacked In Prison: Inmate Says He Did It For Clout

R.Kelly’s attorneys are claiming there is video evidence of Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago neglecting Kelly while another inmate attacked him. According to a prison report, the incident was defused when a guard used pepper-spray on the attacker.

This is just one out of a slew of misfortunate stories we’ve heard about Kelly’s living conditions while behind bars. Just last month, the appeals court in Illinois denied Kelly’s appeal to be released on bond. Citing that “convincing evidence” shows Kelly to be a potential danger and a flight risk to the community, if released. Kelly has attempted to get released from jail six times over the last year, and none have been successful.

R.Kelly’s attorneys detail the video footage: They claim the attacker "roamed a great distance within the MCC before carrying out that act, without any opposition. It is undisputed that, as a result, Mr. Kelly has suffered significant physical and psychological injuries."

Kelly was reportedly punched repeatedly in the head and torso by the inmate who identified himself as Jeremiah Farmer. Why did the inmate attack Kelly? For some clout. According to his written statement, Farmer claims to have attacked Kelly to shed mainstream media attention to his own case.

Kelly has pleaded not guilty to the laundry list of charges he faces, based on activity that prosecutors say took place over two decades in New York, Connecticut, Illinois, and California.

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