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Hip Hop Fans : You Need to Have These 5 on Your Radar

Music is art, but having the ability to string rhymes together coherently, written or not, is a craft that shouldn't be taken lightly. During its conception, all Hip Hop really had was the freestyling cats on the corner dropping smooth lyrics about the world around them. That was really when the culture was built, the freestyling EmCees and break dancing B-Boys made the foundation for Hip Hop to be the pillar that it is today. Fast forward many decades and the very things that made this genre and culture so rich are starting to dwindle. Less and less artists are even writing their own music and the state of the culture is more focused on clout than talent these days. All is not lost though, because there are many artists who still find the craft as beautiful as the founders did at its inception. Here are a few ladies who have kept the culture alive with their timely freestyles and constant content.


Representing Baltimore, Maryland every time she steps in the building, Deetranada is truly a force to be reckoned with. At only 19 years old, she’s able to rap circles around most of the “heavy hitters” this generation has seen. Deetranada is honing her skills and is only ever going to get better.


You might recognize this beauty and beast from seasons 8 and 9 of Love & Hip Hop: New York but this feisty queen has been on the Hip Hop scene way before that. A true lyrical monster, Kiyanne has the ability to go toe to toe with anyone, her confidence, cadence, and wordplay makes her unbeatable. Tracks usually say “kill em kiy” and that’s exactly what she does.

Lady Londonn

If you haven’t seen one of her freestyle videos on social media, you must be living under a rock - or just following the wrong people. Lady Londonns’ unique voice and style helps her bring a different kind of flair to her lyrics. Although her original sights were on being a spoken word poet, she realized that a lot of her poetry worked better with music so she turned them into lyrics and hasn’t looked back since.


Self described as “not your typical rapper” and she isn’t. Seattle born and LA raised, Neelam has seen and done it all from marriage to motherhood and she’s found true solace and joy in creating the lyrically sound music that she releases today. Neelam has a story to tell, a story about womanhood, about Black Muslims, and about the general state of our world - and she tells it all in the music.

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A down south baby with a lot of attitude and even more talent. Omeretta, formerly known as Omeretta the Great, has stayed consistent for years. Like most musicians, she got her start by just putting tracks on Soundcloud, now two mixtapes and 1M Instagram followers later, she’s here. Omeretta isn’t very big on the mainstream radar at all, but her fans know the kind of pen she brings to the table.

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