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New Music Friday: This Week’s Must Hears

H.E.R - Damage

With much anticipation surrounded by her debut album coming soon, H.E.R. released this sultry well written single with a music video attached. H.E.R. has been working hard this year but she hasn’t fully committed to a sound, the versatility is admirable and the music is fantastic but if this is what we can expect from the Album we’re in for some real gold.

Joeville & Flo Milli - Sexy (remix)

Flo Milli has hopped on another remix and this time for a viral song most likely to be heard on Tik Tok, Sexy by Joeville. With her money first men last mentality, the lyrics continue to empower women to do what needs to be done for them to prosper. In just a few bars shes able to show you why every song she's on is “Flo Milli S**t”

Kehlani & Phora - Cupid's Curse

Who doesn’t love hearing Kehlanis’ voice? Being known to be open to collaborate with many artists, her addition to this Phora track is the perfect compliment. Lyrics that are guaranteed to get you in your feelings and a beat you can vibe out to is all you can ask for in a R&B single.


A duo that not many would see coming, Amine and Bea Miller came together to make a feel good song with a 70s funk inspiration. From her newly released album elated!, this single will definitely make you want to move.

Deante Hitchcock & Guapdad 4000 - Deja Vu

Deante Hitchcock is beginning to catch more people's attention, with his eclectic style it’s a shame it hasn’t happened sooner. Guapdad adds something different that you didn’t know the song needed anytime he’s featured on a track, and he didn’t disappoint this time around.

Omarion & Wale - Mutual

Going back to his R&B roots, Omarion gave us a taste of nostalgia with this sensual track that belongs on a bedroom playlist. The way that Wale finds the right pocket during his verse amplifies it to another level.

Kiana Lede - KIKI (Deluxe Album)

The OG release of this album was a pleasant surprise, especially for those being introduced to Kiana Lede. The deluxe includes 7 new additions including features from MoneyBaggYo and a new feature from Arin Ray.

Xavier Omar - if You Feel (Album)

The times that Xavier Omar blesses us with music is few and far between but there isn’t a single time that he misses. This 11 track long Album has a feature from Masego and Mereba so the vibes are definitely unmatched.

Jack Harlow - Tyler Herro

Jack Harlow rides every beat with such a similar flow but there won’t be any complaints from this side. The recent single that was released with a music video alludes to the many friends that he has on his team, including NBA player Tyler Herro. Lots of replay value in this one, but there hasn’t been a Jack Harlow track that can’t be replayed.

Kelly Rowland, Justin Simien & Kris Bowers - Bad Hair Soundtrack

Kelly Rowland continues to please the public by releasing more music. Although

Ms. Kelly is only in 3 out of the 27 songs on the soundtrack, and Kris Bowers takes a lot of the leads, the partnership is evident throughout. A horror movie about a weave that comes to life isn’t very appealing, but the music makes up for it.

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