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Anticipation Grows For Miley Cyrus New Album

Hannah Montana is just a distant memory attached to a lot of nostalgia so now would be the best time for Miley Cyrus to release a new album. From the beginning, Miley’s talent level has always been clear and fans have always loved her music - the problem was always timing. Obviously, nothing of hers has flopped, but when she finally disconnected from her Disney persona it was abrupt, and dramatic causing there to be some hesitancy about whether or not to support. Miley has decided that her hiatus was long enough and has announced that a new album is coming soon.

Miley has warmed her fans up by doing constant covers, like the one she did over Dolly Partons’ Jolene. Showing that she has more than just covers up her sleeve, Miley took to social media to share the news that her 7th studio album titled Plastic Hearts is set to release on the 27th of November. In a note shared on both her Twitter and Instagram pages, Cyrus explained how she started working on the album 2 years ago but all of her progress was lost when her home caught on fire. Instead of being discouraged, she saw it as a blessing and a chance to really start

over from scratch.

The release of this album will be cathartic for Miley and still entertaining for the public. It’ll be interesting to see what direction she takes it, if the single released yesterday, Zombies, is any clue then we’re in for a very classic rock feeling album but with Miley you never know. The album will be released on November 27th but is available for preorder now!

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