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Marlon Wayans Thinks Tiffany Haddish Needs To Mature

The Wayans family has been knighted by the Black Culture as the first family of entertainment. Responsible for many of the movies and shows we enjoyed growing up and now, they’ve left their mark as a family. Marlon Wayans is one of the more household names out of the family, and he had a lot to say during his time on the Ellen Degeneres show. With Tiffany Haddish filling in as a host she poked fun at the fact that she’s never been cast in any of the Wayans’ shows or films. Marlons’ response was that she’s just not mature enough.

Since they’ve been long time friends, this had to have come up before, but was the right time to make this critique on the stage of a national TV show? Although the question was asked and answered without any hard feelings, Marlons’ statement speaks to a larger issue of policing Black women's behavior. Tiffany Haddish’s whole schtick and personality lies in her always “being on 10” as he put it. Audiences love her crassness and silliness, it’s part of her appeal. Maybe she can’t be serious all the time, but she’s been serious enough to star in movies and shows that have sold millions of sales and streams. It’d be foolish not to cast someone because of their liveliness, especially if that liveliness has paid off in the long run.

It’s clear that their friendship is strong, and maybe this is a conversation that they have had before. Either way, Tiffany Haddish doesn’t need Marlon to cast her because she can cast herself as she has her own production company now.

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