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21-Year-Old Drill Rapper Eurobands Diversified the Drill Scene

New York City has become the Mecca for drill music in the United States, created by Chicago artists like Chief Keef, Fredo Santana, Lil Reese, and more have laid the foundation for the next generation of music.Once Pop Smoke discovered the authenticity of drill beats from his friends in the United Kingdom, the NYC music scene changed forever.

Euro Bands is next in the line up when it comes to drill music. He recently just turned 21 and has set the digital music scene on fire. With a little under 10,000 followers on Instagram, Euro Bands surpassed over $130 million views on Youtube for the song “Fuk Them” and over 800K for the new song “Hella Cat.”

The Serbian-American rapper has changed the face of modern drill music and open the doors for non-people of color to express themselves in the hardcore market.

Euro Bands just turned 21-years-old and released his new single “Freedy.” After its debut just a week ago, the unsigned artist reached at least 30k views on YouTube. In honor of his accomplishments, the rapper gathered family and friends for his EP listening session/ birthday at the legendary Quad Studios in NYC.

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