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Lisa Raye Joins OnlyFans: Are You Subscribing?

The list of celebrities joining OnlyFans grows longer and longer everyday. The publics obsession with sex and celebrity lives makes OnlyFans the perfect spot for them to exchange exclusive content for a little extra money. The most recent Hollywood name to add OnlyFans to their available services would come as a surprise to many. Actress Lisa Raye has been the subject of plenty of fantasies throughout the duration of her career, so maybe it’s only right that she joins the OnlyFans wave.

Raye made the announcement during an Instagram live stream a few days ago stating “Because I promise you when I post on Instagram, by the time I scroll through all the haters and the negative people and the naysayers and folks that got some kind of negative opinion or whatever, it makes me exhausted...If I could have a place that only MY people come to. Only MY fans, only MY likes, only MY members, only MY people that mess with me…you know what? I could do a OnlyFans page.”

The OnlyFans page isn’t expected to be sexual, as most usually aren’t, but this is an exclusive look into the mind and ideas of Lisa Raye; which is a privilege that many fans don’t get.

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