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Going Through a Heartbreak? The Breakup Box Could Be What You Need

There are a few experiences in this life that are difficult to go through, regardless of who or how strong you are. Heartbreak is one of those things. No matter how toxic the relationship could’ve been, letting go and feeling that pain is not easy and it seems like there’s nothing you can really do about it other than giving yourself time and space if needed. After going through a heartbreak herself, Gloria Billingsley decided that she would create something physically tangible to offer assistance to other heartbroken individuals, The Breakup Box.

The Breakup Box offers a form of mental health therapy through a daily routine that promotes independence and individuality. While the Breakup Box promises no cure to heartbreak, it forces you to put yourself in a better position than you were in prior. By having something else to focus on rather than putting all your mental energy into the relationship that just ended, you’re more likely to end up a better version of yourself. As for contents of the box, you can expect to receive tea packets, a journal, action cards that remind you when to breathe, stretch, or relax and more.

This box promotes healthy healing following a breakup and forces you to think about the person who really matters the most, yourself. The Breakup Box and more are available for purchase at

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