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Fatal Police Shooting in Philadelphia Results In Major Chaos

This past Monday, police shot and killed 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. after demanding he drop his knife.

Police responded to a call around 4:00 PM that reported a person with a weapon. When officers arrived, they came face to face with Walter Wallace. According to police spokesperson Tanya Little, the officers tried talking the weapon out of Wallace’s possession. He instead charged towards the officers, prompting them to shoot multiple times.

Walter was struck in the shoulder and chest. He was driven to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The incident was captured on camera and posted to social media. The footage depicts how the events were explained by the police spokesperson. Walter

Wallace’s father has spoken out about the incident and is asking why the police officers did not use a taser. Walter Wallace Sr. told the media that Wallace Jr. suffered from mental illness and was taking medication.

The shooting resulted in overnight chaos throughout west Philadelphia. Like the various protests that took place over the summer, looting and rioting took over the commercial corridor of 52nd Street. The scene was reckless, according to The Inquirer At least one police vehicle was set on fire and destroyed. Several police officers were injured by bricks or other objects hurled from the crowd. One officer was hospitalized after getting run over by a speeding truck.

The officers were wearing body cameras. There is an ongoing investigation, the Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner is pleading with the people to remain calm as they sift through information.

Krasner issued the following statement: “The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office takes its obligation to try to be fair and to seek even handed justice seriously, In the hours and days following this shooting, we ask Philadelphians to come together to uphold people’s freedom to express themselves peacefully and to reject violence of any kind.”

There were over 300 people a part of the riots and protest for Walter Wallace Jr.

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