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Cryssy Bandz Discusses the Release of Her Upcoming Album, ‘Crystal Clear’ and More

Cryssy Bandz, the Brooklyn rapper most notably known for her single ‘Halo’ featuring A. Boogie (2019), is making big moves in 2020. While many people are using this year as a time for self-reflection and relaxation, Cryssy Bandz is pushing her pen and hustling hard. So far this year Bandz has released four singles, made an appearance in Red Bull Music Studios' web series “The Cut” and has announced the upcoming release of her long-awaited album, “Crystal Clear”, set to drop this Friday, Oct. 30, 2020. We caught up with Cryssy Bandz to discuss all things 2020, here’s what she had to say:

Responses were slightly edited for cohesiveness.

What can fans expect from your album, “Crystal Clear”?

“You guys can expect the best body of work I’ve ever put out. This is actually my second body of work. I’ve only put out a mixtape and after that, it was strictly singles and videos just tryna let people know who I am and what I’m capable of. I was trying to make ‘Crystal Clear’ the perfect project, so expect versatility, hits, and a couple of tributes to other artists.”

How will the sound of “Crystal Clear” differ from the sound of your mixtape and the singles you’ve released this year?

“I would say that the mixtape was an introduction, like ‘hey guys my name is Cryssy Bandz and I've got a couple of bars for you guys’. But this album is like ‘I’m still here so take cover’. As for the other singles, they were great but this album is gonna be even greater. This album is gonna be immaculate.”

Did the pandemic influence or interfere with your creative process for the album?

“As far as my writing process, the pandemic didn’t affect that at all. It actually made me connect with more artists so that was the good thing that came out of the pandemic. If anything, the pandemic really slowed down the shows and studio time, we were performing like crazy and traveling a lot before.”

Fans get an inside look at your creative process on Red Bull Music Studios' “The Cut”, how would you describe your writing process and what can fans expect from the show?

“Once I’m motivated by a beat and get the first line everything just flows and comes together, I just have to be in my zone. I was super excited to do the show with Red Bull Studios. I feel like it was great exposure and it gave me a chance to exercise my pen. People can definitely expect some real bars and friendly competition from the show.”

Why should people listen to Cryssy Bandz?

“I give nothing but the best. When it comes to writing, I’m always talking about something that’s relevant to someone else's life experience. People look at me and they see a pretty female and think that I’m just a gimmick and I’m the complete opposite. When they hear me, they hear authenticity.”

In previous interviews you mentioned you had a niche for acting, are there any projects in the works that fans should look out for?

“Oh definitely. For one of the songs off of the album I’m gonna be doing a video and it’s gonna be like a movie. I don’t wanna spoil the concept but I definitely took two music videos and one show and I put it together like a storyline. Most of the videos are like a story, but this one is gonna be really dope.”

What advice can you give to others that are starting to pursue their career in music?

“If you’re doing it for the money and the fame you’re not gonna make it. You have to love this with a passion. Just keep working and grinding. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you wanna do because everyone has a purpose here so as long as you fulfill that purpose then you did what you needed to do; you conquered. For the parents, keep your children involved as much as you can. Always let them know that you’re here and how much you love them so they won't feel alone. Also, let your child know you’re doing it for them and the bigger picture is a better future for us. Once you’re the boss you call the shots, so put yourself in that position to be able to do that.”

From Cryssy Bandz To The Fans:

“I just want to thank you all for supporting me because even though I made progress and I’ve elevated my career, I’m still not where I wanna be yet. So I just want to thank all my supporters for sticking around, being patient and just believing in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.”

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