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New York Protests Mirror The Mayhem In Philly

The pain and public outcry surrounding Walter Wallace Jr’s death is spilling over into other parts of the northeast.

This past Monday in Philadelphia, police shot and killed 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. after demanding he drop his knife. It has been revealed that Wallace Jr. suffered from mental illness and according to his father, was prescribed medication for it. As a result of the fatal shooting, over 300 protestors took to the streets and seriously injured police officers.

Similar to the overnight chaos that took place a few states over in Philadelphia, protestors took to the streets of Downtown Brooklyn and smashed windows, vandalized NYPD cars, set fires, and knocked over officers with their vehicles. According to the Daily News, people dressed in all black kick started the chaos by setting garbage on fire and destroying business windows. Businesses like Bank of America and a Starbucks received damage.

The New York protests saw as many as 200 people, marching from Boerum Hill to Atlantic Avenue. The chant “Burn the precinct to the ground! Every city, every town!” roared through the streets as the scene began to escalate.

A video that has made rounds on social media, shows a police officer attempting to break the window of a Black Sedan, however the driver was able to get away by plowing through a group of officers. It is unknown whether the vehicle was eventually stopped.

At least 30 arrests were made according to the NYPD. Early Wednesday morning, the 84th Precinct tweeted asking residents with damaged property to contact them and report it.

Back in Philadelphia, the sight of Walter Wallace Jr’s death, officials have urged citizens to stay home. Unrest continued into Tuesday and early Wednesday, with more looting and rioting threatening businesses throughout West Philadelphia.

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