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Whitney Houston & Sza Share a Major Accomplishment

There are few vocalists who are able to feel their legacy and impact while they’re still alive. Although her memory has been muddled with her history of drugs, the amount of magic that Whitney Houston was responsible for during her life is what she should be remembered for. Most singers could only dream of being compared to the late great Whitney Houston let alone standing in the same accomplishments as her. In the past few days Sza’s debut album CTRL has joined Whitney Houston's self-titled album as the debut album with the most weeks charting on the Billboard 200 by a black female artist.

Sza’s CTRL has been marked as an important cultural stepping stone, a true coming of age story for the 20 somethings. Although Sza has released a single and a few features since the albums release in 2017 but there has been little to no word about a followup project. It might be too soon to call Sza a legend in the same way that Whitney Houston is spoken about but she is certainly growing into the term.

Sza and Whitney Houston are the only black artists in history to have their debut albums on the charts for 176 weeks.

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