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Anonymous Jury In R.Kelly’s Federal Trial

R. Kelly’s federal racketeering and sex trafficking case in New York City will be heard by an anonymous jury. Back in October, US District Judge Ann M. Donnelly granted a motion sought by federal prosecutors for an anonymous jury.

Donnelly believes that R. Kelly has a history of obstructing justice.

Donnelly provided the following statement in her ruling, issued in October: “Empaneling an anonymous jury is appropriate given the seriousness of the charges, the defendant’s history of obstructing the judicial process, the potential for juror intimidation and the intensity of media attention given to this case,”

Remember when R. Kelly walked away scot free in 2008 in the child pornography case? At the time, Kelly was accused of attempting to influence jurors during the trial. Recently, Kelly has been accused of b trying to do the same thing with the new charges. According to CNN, three men prosecutors say are connected to R. Kelly were recently charged in federal court for allegedly using threats, intimidation, and bribes in efforts to influence testimony by alleged victims in the racketeering case against the singer.

The implications in this scenario are being taken very seriously. Donnelly’s ruling means the jury could be partially sequestered and escorted by US marshals in and out of the courthouse. This will eliminate a lot of outside interference and media spectacle.

As of now, Kelly is currently being held in a Chicago prison. Life behind bars has not been easy for the Grammy award winning, multi-platinum singer. It was reported late last month that Kelly had been viciously assaulted by a fellow inmate - which resulted in significant “significant physical and psychological injuries” according to his attorneys.

Due to COVID-19, Kelly’s trial has been postponed to an unknown date.

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