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Stay Scheming: Florida Home Aide Swipes Credit Card From Cancer Patient

Kimberly Diggins of Charlotte County Florida worked as a BriteStar Care aide. She is being accused of stealing one of her patient’s credit cards for a Walmart shopping spree. According to an arrest report from the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office, Diggins swiped the card three times on September 3rd at a Port Charlotte Walmart.

Diggins was assigned to a patient who is bed ridden with terminal cancer. The patient’s husband claims that she was in her final days when Diggins decided to run off with her credit card.

Due to the patient being severely ill and prescribed to painkillers, she was comatose and not aware of what was going on. Apparently, the victim kept her credit card in a purse. Diggins would not only be watching the patient, but also her purse. According to ABC7 Diggins would sit near the purse so she could keep an eye on the patient when she was sleeping.

The story gets deeper as time goes on. Authorities say Diggins took the patient’s Visa card and allowed her juvenile son and his friends to make over $700 worth of purchases at Walmart.

Diggins has been met with a myriad of charges. Among them are the exploitation of an elderly or disabled adult and grand theft property.

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