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John Legend Calls Out Rappers Who Support Trump

John Legend isn’t letting these artists get away with supporting Donald Trump. On Monday, John Legend performed at Joe Biden’s last rally in Philadelphia. Not only did he perform, he also shared a few words about our current president, Donald Trump.

Now, some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity,” he said. “Some see his greed and they mistake it for being good at business.”

The Grammy award winning artist also called out rappers like Ice Cube and Lil Wayne and said they found a new supergroup called “the sunken place.”

He finished off his speech with this, “We need a president we can trust. That’s the kind of president Joe Biden will be,” he said. “And he won’t only reverse the damage of the last four years hand-in-hand with Senator Kamala Harris, they will build back a better economy and country than ever before.”

Today November 3, is the last day to vote. Make sure your voice is heard!

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