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New York State's New Travel Restrictions Take Effect

During the summer Governor Cuomo created a 14 day quarantine list for travelers to help New York state keep their coronavirus cases low. Earlier this week, Cuomo created a new New York travel rule. Instead of requiring travelers to quarantine for 14 days, now travelers can get tested before and after they arrive in New York.

If you are traveling to New York you must take a COVID test within three days before your departure date. Once travelers have arrived in New York they must quarantine for three days and on the fourth day take another COVID test. If both tests are negative, the traveler can exit quarantining.

Travelers with positive test results must contact the state of New York for strict isolation orders.

There are currently 45 states and territories that meet the criteria for the Tri-State Travel Advisory, though only 41 are on the quarantine list, including:

























--New Mexico


--North Carolina

--North Dakota



--Puerto Rico

--Rhode Island

--South Carolina

--South Dakota





--West Virginia



--Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts meet the criteria for the list but are not currently on it

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