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“Give Black Artists A Chance To Do R&B” Says Amber Riley

A quick Google search will let anyone who is interested know where basically all music stemmed from, Black people. Country, Classical, Hip-Hop, or Jazz - if it’s being played you can guarantee it was coined by Black people. Culturally, the only genres that are attributed to Black culture now are Hip-Hop/Rap and R&B. Majority of the heavy hitters in these genres are Black but the praise that they receive isn’t at the same caliber as their white counterparts. Actress and singer Amber Riley had a lot to say on the subject during her interview with the Jasmine Brand.

The conversation about whitewashing Black genres and generalizing Black artists isn’t a new one. The debate was all over Social Media when Lizzo won an award for R&B when she’s very clearly a Pop artist and similarly to Lil Nas X and the controversy over whether the hit single could be classified as country or not. Riley focused on the fact that she doesn’t have any issue with any race making a certain kind of music but the fact of the matter is that the Justin Biebers' and Ariana Grandes' of the world end up getting more acclaim than the Ari Lennox’s or the Amber Rileys.

Riley believes that there shouldn’t be any categories when it comes to music on the charts because the categorization causes a lot of the discrepancy.

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