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Let Me Scam You: Bow Wow Is Accused of Scamming a Young Rapper Out of $2000

Any upcoming music artist will agree with the fact that it’s very difficult to gain an audience outside of your immediate area. Although social media has made this process easier in theory, there are millions of other artists doing the same thing at the same time so in reality - it’s still difficult to connect with a different audience. A major way to get around this is to have influencers, or people who already have a following, promote your brand or music. Some are trustworthy and will provide the service they’re paid for and others, not so much.Most scammers are fake pages that trick people but as rapper, Sy The Rapper, can attest even the well known verified pages will get you caught up. Sy is accusing popular rapper and actor Shad Moss aka Bow Wow for scamming him.

Just a 19 year old rapper trying to further his audience, Sy reached out to Bow Wow for a partnership after he posted on Instagram looking for upcoming artists to promote. After corresponding through Instagram DM, the two came to an agreement that Bow Wow would promote Sys’ music on his page in exchange for 2,000. Sy sent the money but has not gotten his promo nor any explanation as to why. After disputing the charge with his bank Sy has gotten only half of his money back so he’s turned to social media to expose Bow Wows fraudulent ways.

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