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Florida Man Invents Contact Removal Apparatus

Florida Man Invents Contact Removal Apparatus

Florida has been under much scrutiny as of late. Frankly, Florida is the epicenter for some of the strangest stories in the news. But this interesting invention is a change from the norm.

Craig Hershoff invented a robot that he hopes will help people with dexterity issues insert and remove their contact lenses.

After being diagnosed with a rare eye disease (Fuch's dystrophy) Hershoff struggled with his vision for years. Hershoff turned this struggle into motivation, when he discovered a special type of contact lense. The scleral lenses transformed his vision tremendously.

Personal loss caused Hershoff to experience anxiety, and physical tremors. The tremors made it difficult for him to put in his contacts. Then came the in the invention of his the Cliara Lens Robot. Cliara is an acronym for Contact Lens Insertion and Removal Apparatus.

The robot uses suction cups to measure the precise amount of force needed to insert and remove the lenses.

The robot is currently undergoing clinical trials and Herschoff hopes to have It available for commercial use soon.

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