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Van Jones Mistakes Mary J. Blige For Beyoncé: Black Twitter Flames Him

CNN’s Van Jones once again proves he cannot be trusted and as far as I see it, he has forfeited entry into any BBQ or Black function for the foreseeable future.

Fresh off the heels of a history-making victory for Kamala Harris, she took the stage to address the American people.

Recapping the moment, Van Jones had this to say: "First of all, she walked out to Beyoncé. Drop mic. The fact that somebody that's going to be in the White House can walk out authentically to Beyoncé was amazing. People were going nuts about the walkout song."

I’m sorry, what? Anyone that has been following Madame Vice President Kamala Harris, knows that she is a massive Mary J. Blige fan. Kamala’s walkout song is “Work That” the album opener from Mary J’s 2007 “Growing Pains” album. The song is an empowering ode to young women, fitting for the Vice President elect.

It was at that moment that Van Jones became the first Black person to go on national television and mistake the musical stylings of Mary J. Blige for Beyoncé. Two highly respected icons who sound nothing alike. Mary J. and Beyoncé have the most distinct voices in music. It’s not hard to recognize either songstress. Social media rightfully dragged Jones for filth - and quite frankly, he had been asking for it for quite some time.

Prior to confusing Mary J. Blige with Beyoncé, Jones had already been up to his usual theatrics on CNN. Van’s emotional reaction to Joe Biden’s victory went viral, where he sobbed about how much “easier” it is to exist today in this country knowing that minorities and immigrants no longer have to fear the nation’s leader. Jones wept: “Well, it’s easier to be a parent this morning. It’s easier to be a dad. It’s easier to tell your kids character matters — it matters,”

Those familiar with Van Jones saw right through the water works. Jones has a rather interesting history with President Donald Trump. Van Jones was one of the first to embrace Trump when he won the 2016 presidential election. Jones has been seen smiling and taking pictures with Trump’s son Eric. As recently as October, Jones had positive things to say about Donald Trump. He told a Fox News panel: “Trump 'doesn't get enough credit' for the 'good stuff he has done for the Black community” he later claimed he gets “attacked” by liberals anytime he defends Trump. Rather disingenuous reaction from somebody that has a considerably “Pro Trump” track record. But nevertheless, folks ate it up.

Popular radio personality Charlemagne Tha God chimed in, tweeting: “Somebody tell @VanJones68 Kamala walked out to Queen Mary J. Blige and not Queen Beyoncé. I’ve never heard anyone make that mistake EVER.

Another disturbing display from Van Jones. As far as Mary J. Blige? She’s winning. Her song “Work That” shot up the iTunes and Amazon music charts following Kamala’s speech, a song that was released thirteen years ago. The American people know Mary J. Blige’s voice and always have. She will continue to be celebrated for her contributions to music.

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