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Quando Rondos’ Crew Claims “It Was Self Defense”

The viral video of the rappers King Von and Quando Rondo altercation that resulted in a shooting that led to Vons untimely death. There has been a lot of opinions spread around about the squabble and the role everyone played. Though the cause of the beef has never been said, Quando Rondo felt the need to let the public know that he acted in self-defense during the fight.

TMZ has reported that Quandos' team stated that the rapper wasn’t looking for fight the night that Von was fatally shot in ATL, and that Von was actually the aggressor in the fight that took place before shots were fired. Sources close to the team claim that Quando was outside the club napping in his car and was woken up by King Von’s crew.

The situation escalated when Von allegedly approached the rapper aggressively and they got into a fist fight. Video footage from outside the club shows Von throwing punches to members of Rondos’ entourage, even though Rondo himself didn’t know what was happening. Sources have added that the rapper feels badly about the shooting and how it ended although the two camps have yet to speak since the shooting.

King Von was not the only person to lose his life because of the violence that took place that night. 34 year old Mark Blakey unfortunately passed on and a third unnamed gunshot victim remains hospitalized and in critical condition.

Last Saturday, ATL police charged 22 year old Timothy Leeks for Vons murder although it’s unclear who’s bullet killed Blakey.

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