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We’re Moving With Our Aunty & Uncle to Bel-Air : Will Smith Releases The Trailer for Fresh Princ

This past year Will Smith has put in the work to reinvent and revitalize the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air brand and he’s been doing a great job at it. From releasing a new collection of merchandise to putting the old house from the show on AirBnb and transforming it into a tourist destination. The promotional content has been leading up to the moment all 90s kids have been waiting for, the reunion special that Smith has been teasing for a while.

When Smith first teased the special on his Instagram it immediately caught the attention of fans. The post had everyone from the popular TV series smiling and acting like the first family but the second picture is what caused a media wildfire. Seeing the photo of Will sitting with Janet Hubert, who played Aunt Viv during the first half of the shows’ run, was interesting because of how vocal she’s been about her issues with the show and the concerns she had about Will Smith. In her 2009 memoir “Perfection Is Not a Sitcom Mom”, Hubert disclosed that Smith requested that she be fired from the show, which she blames for the downslide of her career.

Hubert shared how being replaced after playing such an iconic role made her feel.

“When you are strong, black, confident and a woman you are a threat to those who are less talented. It has been the story of my entire career. Vivian Banks became iconic for these qualities, they had hoped to silence her power but only gave her more by replacing her..”

It’s fantastic to see the feud between the two finally resolved and just in time for the special release! The special will be streaming exclusively on HBO Max on November 19th which will include a tribute the the late James Avery who played Uncle Phil.

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