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Better Late Than Never : UPS Lifts Restrictions on Natural Black Hairstyles

The fight for Black people to be able to experience life similarly to their white counterparts has been going on since anybody can remember, and it doesn’t look like it’s ending anytime soon. Jobs in particular, have a history of being discriminatory to their Black employees when it comes to disciplinary measures and appearance. The United Parcel Service(UPS) has joined a short list of companies who have altered their policies to be more accepting of Black natural or protective hairstyles.

On November 10th the shipping conglomerate announced their new policy that allows employees to rock afros, cornrows, braids, in addition to a multitude of other styles that are native to the Black Culture. According to CBS MoneyWatch, these changes would help to abolish gender specific rules and leave space to allow “businesslike” piercings.

UPS employs over 500,000 people globally, and these changes would apply to every single one of them.

"Our updates allow for a wider array of hair styles, facial hair and other personal appearance preferences, and are another example of our people-led strategy to make UPS an even better place to work,"


This change is their latest attempt to further their inclusivity and reduce the number of racial discrimination situations. A 2019 U.S survey sponsored by Dove found that Black women are 1.5 times more likely to be sent home from work because of their hair. This same survey found that 80% of Black women are more likely to change their hair in order to fit in.

While UPS is the latest company to implement these changes we can only hope that they won’t be the last.

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