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Oklahoma Police Officer Allegedly Saves His Own Family From A House Fire

Officer Anthony Louie of the Seminole Police Department in Oklahoma City, is being praised for his heroic actions. Saving an entire family from a burning building, a family that turned out to be his own.

Louie responded to a call regarding a house fire in the early morning hours on Nov. 13. When he arrived, what he saw was a heart wrenching scene. Upon arrival, Louie realized that it was his own home that was on fire and his family was trapped inside.

The rescue efforts commenced, officer Louie allegedly ran through a flame engulfed front porch resulting in severe burns and smoke inhalation. Due to Louie’s quick action - his family did not suffer any injuries.

What may have caused the fire has yet to be disclosed. According to the police department, many residents have rallied around the family and offered donations.

Louie nor his family have provided any statement regarding the fire.

Seminole FOP Lodge 138 provided the following statement: "The overwhelming support received for Officer Louie has been amazing and his family and fellow officers wish to thank each and every person for their thoughts and prayers."

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