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Thief Commits Crime And Wears The Same Outfit To Court

It’s that time of the year when your packages are becoming the target of “porch pirates” - those thieves who simply walk up to your front door, take your package and run.

This South Carolina man just incriminated himself, after he wore the exact same shirt he used when stealing people’s packages to the court the very next day.

Let’s set the stage, this is how a neighborhood group helped bust this porch pirate. The Goose Creek Resident Group on Facebook posted an image of the suspect, claiming he had stolen packages that had been left on porches in the neighborhood.

The post explained: “This was around noon today in The Oaks. Notice the empty Amazon package in his hand. It is something he stole off a neighbor’s porch and threw the empty package in my trash can (dumb crook) -- and then stole the package off my porch (all on camera) and stuffed it in his backpack, with whatever else he had stolen in the neighborhood. He was with a second person also on a bicycle. The police have been notified.”

What happens next is so ridiculous, it’s almost hard to believe. The Goose Creek Police Department announced that the subject in the resident group’s post had indeed been arrested. In a courtroom the very next day, he wore the same shirt he had been pictured in while stealing items off of residential porches.

"Sometimes people actually do make our job easy," authorities said. There is no word on how the suspect ended up in the courtroom or his identity. But it’s safe to say he won’t be stealing anymore packages, anytime soon.

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