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Donell Jones Primes New Album With Single Karma(Payback)

After a 7 year hiatus Donell Jones, the man behind countless hits like U Know What’s Up and Where I Want To Be, is back and sounding better than ever on his newest single Karma(Payback). Jones hasn’t been completely out of the music sphere as he’s been producing hits for Usher and Jacquees recently, but to finally have some music from the CEO of Candy Man Music himself is something any music lover wouldn’t deny. Most artists who spend some time away from recording or releasing music make an attempt to keep up with the times and that effort can be heard clearly. Karma(Payback) is such a pleasant surprise because of the way Jones has so effortlessly acclimated into more modern sounding R&B without losing his stylistic integrity.

Quality harmonies, vocal clarity, and the catchy hook helps to add replay value to this tale about the way what goes around comes around. Donell Jones has gone from singing about where he wants to be outside of windows to singing about Karma and payback; talk about full circle. Nevertheless, this record is a beautiful example of true talent being able to assimilate regardless of the generational gap in sound - R&B music is a universal language in which Donell Jones is fluent.


The fresh sounding hit is the first single from his highly anticipated forthcoming album, 100% Free that’s expected to release sometime next month. The Godfather of R&B has always kept his sound sexy and smooth but this time around listeners can expect elements of trap, R&B and lots of fun. The album is about 7 songs long and holds a deep meaning that can be felt from this first single alone. Jones cultivated this album with the hopes to “encourage people to be 100% free from stress, self-sabotage, not trusting and 100% Free from everything we have been experiencing in this world that is not making us better as people.” With all of this new music on the horizon and getting closer, we’re given the chance to get to know Donell Jones all over again, in a more contemporary style.

The new album 100% Free, including the single Karma(Payback), will be available on all streaming platforms in December.

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