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42 Dugg Offers To Pay Bail For Woman Who Avenged Brother’s Death

Recently a woman from Kansas City was charged with second-degree murder for killing her brother's suspected killer, according to KCTV5 reports.

The woman hunted down her brother's killer and murdered him sometime last week, according to reports.

Even more shockingly, the 21-year-old Tityana Coppage texted her deceased brother's phone, revealing that she "avenged him (brother)."

Tityana Coppage was taken in custody by Jackson County jail, and her bond was set at $200k.

The Police said that Coppage shot the victim before his brother drove him a short distance before calling an ambulance for help, but the man had already succumbed to his injuries before the ambulance arrived.

Police said that Coppage admitted to calling the man she shot shortly before the incident.

Although Coppage admitted to the Police that she had planned to murder the victim, she shot at the man in self-defense because the man shot at her first.

Coppage's story has been spreading across the country and has even caught the attention of one of Detroit's hottest rappers,42 Dugg.

The rapper went on IG to chime in on the incident and went on to say, "I got $20k for her bail. "I got 20 thousand if they can get her out on ten percent, tell her people to get at me".

The rappers kept his promise and posted screenshots of a conversation with Coppage's people on his IG story.