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50 Cent Talks About His New Song Charting at #1: "I'm Still 50 Cent"

It's no surprise that 50 Cent not only knows how to make songs but understands what it takes to make great ones. 50 Cent's iconic power theme song "Big Rich Town '' is largely regarded as one of the best opening songs in any recent televised series.

And the rap legend has done it again, and this time it's with his new release "Part of the game", which will be his new theme song for the Power Book Three series: Raising Kanan, which features guest appearances from NLE Choppa.

"Part of the game" was received well ever since its initial release, and many fans were just excited that 50 was back in the studio.

And at 45 years old, it's safe to say 50 hasn't lost his touch, bringing both his iconic flare and delivery to his most recent tracks.

The song has been so successful that it has been the #1 most added song on urban radio, which 50 is very proud of.

Even in the latter part of 50's career, it's good to know he's still as dominant as he's always been. And even more impressively, he's making quality music while also wearing so many hats in the entertainment industry.

He's built a connection with his audience with his trolling comments on Instagram and is also responsible for one of the best-selling shows right now.

Of course, as a businessman, he's untouchable, most recently promoting his collaborating with Le Chemin du Roi and Branson Cognac.

Have you listened to "Part of the Game" yet?

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