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50 People Win Massachusetts Lottery

Cha’ Ching!

Massachusetts ‘Mass Cash’ game had 50 winners this past week, the most winners ever recorded according to the state lottery agency.

For a dollar, players choose five numbers between 1 and 35 and mark the choice on a slip. Previously, the most people to have won the ‘Mass Cash’ game was 34. Massachusetts lottery official Christian Teja explained why there were so many winners this time. Teja says: “In this case, the winning numbers all appeared in a column on the betting slip, which may account for why there were so many winners.”

Usually the grand prize is $100,000, however according to their website when total prizes exceed a certain percentage of sales, the state agency uses a formula to determine the prize amounts, according to its website.

Each winner is said to be walking away with $48,000. A significant decrease from the expected amount of cash, however in today’s climate - I’m sure none of them are complaining about some free cash.

The ‘Mass Cash’ game has been around for a nearly 30-years, it was started in 1991.

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