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6ix9ine Didn’t Just Disappear From Social Media.. He Disappeared From His Daughter’s Life As Well

Playboi Carti isn’t the only rapper getting blasted by his famous baby momma. Sara Molina, star of Hulu’s docuseries “69: The Story Of Danny Hernandez”, is calling out Tekashi 6ixnine for not spending time with his daughter.

Sara and 6ix9ine were together long before his rise to fame in 2017, as explained in “69: The Story Of Danny Hernandez.” She spoke candidly about 6ix9ine, even detailing the domestic violence she faced throughout the relationship. They share a daughter, 5-year-old Saraiyah, who 6ix9ine allegedly promised to start showing up for back in August. Sara told TMZ that it was all a big lie, and 6ix9ine has not made an attempt to establish a genuine relationship with his daughter.

Molina claims she agreed to an open-door policy with Tekashi, where he could come see Saraiyah whenever and wherever he wanted. According to Molina, it did not pan out that way. Sara expressed how “sad” the situation was, revealing that Tekahsi missed Sariyah’s fifth birthday back in October.

Molina stated that early September was the last time Tekashi sent any money or saw his daughter. This is around the time that we last heard from Tekashi as well, following the considerably disappointing numbers for his second studio album “TattleTales” released in the beginning of September. Tekashi went dark on social media and we only heard about him in small tidbits. The most recent headline was about an altercation with Gervonta Davis in a Miami stripclub back in November.

Sara Molina and 6ix9ine have had their share of public disputes, dating back to the end of 2018 when he began accusing her of having been intimate with his former manager Shotti (who is currently serving a 15 years in prison sentence). Accusations that she has consistently denied.

Tekashi’s lawyer Lance Lazarro is pointing the blame at Molina, stating that Tekashi tried to be part of his daughter's life, but Sara is preventing him from seeing the kid.

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