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70 Year Old Teacher Comes Out Of Retirement Only to Die From COVID Complications

After 35-years in the field, Iris Meda retired from nursing in January. Two months later, the coronavirus pandemic devastated the nation in unprecedented fashion. Iris felt that it was her duty to come out of retirement to train the future nurses, who would be on the frontlines of this virus.

Meda would teach the basics at Collin College in Dallas. From the very beginning, healthcare officials stressed the vulnerability that the elderly have to this virus. Senior citizens were considered among the “high risk” group. Media’s gig as a teacher was going well until October, when a student exposed her to the virus. Meda passed away from COVID-19 complications.

Media’s daughter Selene Meda-Schlamel told the media about her mother’s inspiring story. Iris Meda was born in Charleston South Carolina, but moved to Harlem at a young age and did not finish High School. After much encouragement from her then husband, Iris decided to pursue a GED. From there, iris would go on to get her degree in nursing from the City College of New York in 1984.

Iris worked as a nurse on Rikers island for many years. When she left New York, she helped to set up an HIV clinic in Dallas Texas. At 70, Iris retired as a nursing clinic administrator with the North Texas Job Corps thinking it would be her last job.

Iris’s passion for the medical field that spans over 35- years is what she died for. Iris was compelled to be proactive and help pass down her knowledge to the next generation of healthcare workers.

An online fundraiser set up by a family friend from Iris's church for medical and funeral bills, donations will also go toward a scholarship fund on Iris's behalf.

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