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A woman alleged that Don Toliver raped her in a post to girlfriend Kali Uchis

Houston-rapper Don Toliver has been accused of raping a woman back in 2019 via an Instagram post.

The rapper, real name Caleb Zackery Toliver is best known for his hit singles “No Idea” and “ After Party”, which gained popularity on TikTok. He has been featured with several other artists, including Gunna, Travis Scott, Gucci Mane, and Rico Nasty. Toliver is currently signed to Travis Scott’s imprint label “Cactus Jack Records.”

On Friday, August 13th, a rapper, a woman under the username caniba5_, would accuse Toliver of raping her in 2019. In two more posts, she would further explain her story.

"Don Toliver raped me in 2019," she said. "And I've never said anything to anyone in the public till now. I don't care, he's a very disrespectful, and fucked up individual. If you listen to his music, please don't be my friend. Just leave me alone, block me, and go. I've kept this to myself and it has caused me so much trauma, and pain I can't describe. My heart has been trying to mend for so long."

In a second post, caniba5_ would call out Toliver’s current girlfriend and fellow musician Kali Uchis, saying @kaliuchis you're dating my rapist. Please I loved your music but now my heart is aching because you're with my abuser."

The claims have since gone viral on social media, with many in Toliver fanbases expressing mixed emotions. One fan wrote, “If the accusations about Don Toliver are true, I’m gonna be so pissed off, man.” Another stated that the allegations were “Sickening.”

Both Toliver and Uchis have yet to respond to these allegations.

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