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Alabama Sheriff’s Office Dragged Over Tasteless Christmas Tree

Another day, yet another racist sheriff’s office. This incident takes place in Alabama, at the Mobile County Sheriff's Office.

A sheriff’s office in Alabama had to delete a photo of a Christmas tree decorated in “thugshots” of apparent suspects. They received heavy backlash from the post, particularly from civil rights groups. The sheriff’s office claimed that they are also receiving death threats regarding this post.

The picture was posted on the Mobile County Sheriff's Office official Facebook page. The tree was decorated with mugshot photos, and topped with yellow sandals similar to those given to inmates. The dehumanizing caption which has since been deleted read: "We have decorated our Tree with THUGSHOTS to show how many Thugs we have taken off the streets of Mobile this year! We could not have done it without our faithful followers!"

The Mobile County Sheriff's Office did not stop there, they continued on a sick rant about “thugs” in Mobile Alabama, that certainly had racist overtones.

"Any of the things that your friend THUGS have stolen will be available for you!" the post said. "But that's not all, after you choose your one stolen item, your very own personal concierge #correctionsofficer will provide an escort to METRO DELUXE where you will receive your FREE COVID TEST. If you pass your test, then your concierge will take you for a 'custom fitting' to receive your Holiday Jumpsuit with matching 'flap flops.”

After residents were angered by these posts, groups like the NAACP immediately came out demanding answers. The American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama also denounced the post, saying many people who have been arrested "struggle with mental illness and substance use issues."

The sheriffs office has yet to issue any statement regarding the tasteless posts, and only decided to delete it after receiving death threats and warnings that its office would be set on fire. They claim that the threats are from "outside the community," according to local media.

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