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Another Judge Blocks Trump’s Tik Tok Ban

A federal judge has blocked President Donald Trump's Tik Tok ban. The President has been attempting to ban the app due to what he believes could be a potential security risk. Apparently, Trump feels as though the Chinese government could spy on app users' personal data

The Trump administration sought to get rid of TikTok by banning the app from digital app stores, and starving the company of vital technical services.

Now, yet another judge has ruled against the President's attempts. Judge Carl Nichols of the U.S. The District Court in Washington, D.C. called the commerce departments attempts both “arbitrary and capricious” by overstepping its use of presidential emergency powers and failing to consider obvious alternatives.

This is the second time that a federal judge blocked President Trump’s aggressive attempts to ban the TikTok app.

In order to quell the concerns of the Trump administration, ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok agreed to have U.S. companies Oracle and Walmart invest in TikTok. Oracle would manage U.S. user data under the arrangement. But a federal agency still has to review and finalize an arrangement.

ByteDance was given a deadline to complete this deal, but it has since passed. The status of the agreement is still unclear.

TikTok denies that they pose any harmful security threat to its users. However, they are not out of the woods just yet. President-elect Joe Biden has said TikTok is a concern, however it is unclear as of now if he will pursue the app as aggressively as the Trump administration has.

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