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ATL Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Wants You To Stay Out Of Her City

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms wants y'all to stay away from her city during the NBA's all-star weekend, the game is a made-for-TV event only.

KLB is letting it be known that this is not your typical all star weekend and she isn't playing any games. The event that usually attracts tens of thousands of basketball fans from across the globe, will not be turned into a super spreader event.

She took to Twitter to inform NBA fans that there will be no NBA-sanctioned events open to the public. She’s also urging businesses not to host any events related to the show. Those who do not abide by these orders will likely face serious repercussions.

"Under normal circumstances, we would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to host the NBA All-Star game, but this is not a typical year. I have shared my concerns related to public health and safety with the NBA and Atlanta Hawks. We are in agreement that this is a made-for-TV event only, and people should not travel to Atlanta to party." Bottoms said in a statement via her Twitter.

The NBA has been maintaining strict protocols during the pandemic, with the creation of the “NBA bubble” the isolation zone at Walt Disney World in Bay Lake, Florida made specifically for the NBA to continue their season.

They have seemingly upped the ante surrounding the big events this coming March. Players will be allowed a very limited number of guests; all participants must travel to Atlanta by private car or plane; and for the most part, players will be allowed to leave their hotels only for All-Star events at the arena.

Similar to the NFL’s approach with the Super Bowl, a limited number of vaccinated front-line workers will be invited to attend.

Several NBA players are less than pleased with the decisions regarding the all star game. The likes of multi-time NBA champ Lebron James, Kawhi Leaonard and more feel as though it's not the right move to hold an All-star game in the midst of a pandemic. They also feel that it’s added pressure to an already hectic season.

KLB has got to be stern after the whirlwind year she has had, testing positive for covid herself over the Summer. Recently, Bottoms is looking to the future as resorts reveal that she took part in a bipartisan meeting with President Biden to discuss the American Rescue Plan.

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