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Azealia Banks Displays Skull Of 6 Year Old Girl During Interview

Azealia Banks has been a trending topic for the past few months for everything but her music. From inciting beef between herself and Rihanna or Nicki Minaj, to practicing sacrifice in her closet with what looked to be buckets of blood. Everyone has their right to practice their religion and hobbies how they see fit but Azealia took it to another level. During her interview with an Australian Radio station she admitted and displayed the skull of a 6 year old girl and admitted to boiling her cat's body for taxidermy.

During the interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Azealia spoke on the scandal surrounding her boiling her deceased cat and denied claims that she ate it. “I personally would not eat a cat that’s been dead for 3 months” she joked. Banks explained that boiling the cat is a normal taxidermy practice. Halfway through this explanation she began to speak on bones generally, and opened up about owning the skull of a 6 year old girl.

"If you check on your card, driver's license, to be an organ donor, they’re not just picking out a healthy heart and picking out a healthy liver, they are dissecting every part of your body and selling it," she said. "There are lots of scientific research sites where you can actually buy human skulls, like this one." She went on to show off a 6-year-old girl's skull on camera, claiming that she purchased it online after the child died of head trauma.

"I love bones. I respect the afterlife. I think the bones are where the energy holds for a person," she said.

Watch the full interview below.