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Benzino Claims He Wants To Fight Eminem, Royce Da 5'9 Responds

The beef between Eminem and Benzino continues to escalate. It's been almost two decades, and Benzino has continuously been throwing shots at the notorious Detroit rapper. He has yet to receive a direct reply from Eminem, but his friend Royce offered some defense to his friend, Eminen, regarding Benzino's remarks. And things continue to get worse, especially when Royce brought up Benzino's daughter Coi Leray.

Not much has been heard recently, but reportedly Benzino is willing to settle the beef only on one condition. They handle their business in a boxing ring. During an IG live featuring Queenzflip, Benzino said "at 55 and a half years" old, he has the strength to beat both rappers. Flipz then proceeded to explain how Royce declined the offer.

But Benzino went on to say, "I will fight any one of this n***as, at 55 and a half years, and I think I'm still in great shape." Benzino stated earlier that he has never been in a boxing ring ever in his life but claimed he would love to step in the ring with Eminem and Royce and handle it like men do.

"We got gloves on, and after that, we can shake hands, which will be done for good," Benzino later stated.

Benzino's IG life resolved around Benzino, explaining why he rightfully deserves an apology.

But what do you think? Would you like to see the veteran rappers settle it in the ring?

Benzino's IG live then revolved around the fact why he feels like he rightfully deserves an apology.